Self-Defense RX—Your Prescription for Personal Protection 

Your safety is paramount, and we live in uncertain times. Crime is a disease, and at Self-Defense RX we have the cure.

Our experiences with USACarry.com led us to an important conclusion: while concealed carry handguns are important tools of self-defense, they’re not an option for many folks.  Local laws, workplaces regulations, personal beliefs—for various reasons, many people need options other than firearms. To meet that need, we’ve developed a comprehensive resource addressing your questions about self-defense and how to stay safe. We’ll help you secure your home, vehicle, and business. We’ll teach you how to keep your whole family safe from crime, natural disasters, and more. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest and best tools and tactics for personal protection.

You don’t need to be a Navy SEAL or a kung-fu master. This isn’t a site for MMA experts or professional gunslingers; we’re here to help everyday folks learn what they need to know to meet the challenges and dangers life can offer.

Brew a cup of coffee and dive on in. If disaster strikes, you might be glad you did.